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JAX Beach

JAX Beach
  • Jax Beach is our rugged frame to withstand any land or sea adventure.
  • Larger fit to shield against the sun
  • 100% UVA and UVB for ultimate protection 
  • 100% polarized in Glass and Polycarbonate
  • Available in most prescriptions
  • Durable frame with wide temples 
  • Eyesize 62 mm
Lens Materials: 
Glass Polarized lenses provide ultimate vision in sunglasses which reduce reflections on horizontal surfaces such as water and roads.  Hardest material to scratch. Mirror coating between polarized lenses  and multi-layered anti-reflection to prevent delamination .  
Poly-carbonate Polarized lenses provide impact resistant which are used in the safety industry,light weight and recommended for youth and sporting activities.

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