Native. Floridian

Every pair of Ocean Waves Sunglasses are handcrafted since 1979, right here in our home town of Atlantic Beach, Florida.  It’s always been our goal to be the World’s Best Sunglasses!,  Ocean Waves  have amazing lenses (just ask our clients) and we also want your Sunglasses to fit like a …. well a pair of excellent Sunglasses should!   

Our history has been all about providing great vision in even the harshest sun environments.  Our nearly 30 years of experience have allowed us to perfect a series of lens products that not only shields harsh damaging UV-A & UV-B sunlight, but also our unique blends of spectrum(s) are focused on clarity in all types of varied light environments.

Focusing on fit is just another one of the many ways we make sure your vision experience is nothing short of excellent.  We have provided a head sizing chart (yes this sounds funny but really useful), size selection tool, frame sizing specification charts, and then recommended frames which help us guide you toward selecting your overall best fit, look, and to ensure the best fitting Ocean Waves Sunglasses for your specific needs.  

Our clients began as local businessmen & women, professional charter boat captains, inshore fishing guides, leisure watercraft and personal boat owners.  Our brand expansion then moved to our other outdoor professional who support our community including government employees, utility and line workers, to regional firemen and police as well as our veterans who have served our country - all of whom we have special buying programs to both show our appreciation and to ensure they have access to the best eye-wear on the market.   We also serve customers throughout the US and the international marketplace.

With Ocean Waves our vision is clear, we enhance your everyday life and vision experience.

Thank you for being part of our Ocean Waves family and we are working hard to live up to your expectations every day.

Warmest regards,

Tom Caldwell


My Ocean Waves, LLC.