Ocean Waves was born out of a hip local beach, surf, and fishing town in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Ocean Waves Sunglasses was founded over 30 years ago by people who grew up here, fishing, surfing and having fun.

Yes, we are a locally owned business which got its humble beginnings from our Founder Kevin Carlson. Kevin was a local optical expert here in Jacksonville area and also an avid fisherman when he wasn’t doing his day job. He believed the quality of sunglasses were not up to par with the market desire to protect eyes from UVA & UVB and provide durable eye-wear with spectacular visibility into the water. Using industry knowledge, years of data from frustrated buyers, combined with the determination to find a way to bridge the gap gave birth to the Ocean Waves optics and brand. This passion for great vision and love for fishing resulted in the creation of optics that provided exceptional vision quality as well as product durability for everyday offshore and onshore use.

When we set out to create an industry leading line of performance sunglasses we did a lot of testing… and by testing we mean long days backwater and ocean fishing, working with charter captains and developing lenses to their unique specifications. We are hands on, responsive to our customer’s needs for performance eyewear; and it’s part of the legacy we are proud of.

Our glasses are backed by our craftsmanship, technology and passion for our customers clear vision. It’s a beautiful world out there – why not see it clearly no matter what you are up to? If you come visit us, we’ll be happy to show you the Ocean Waves difference and walk you through what’s the right type of eyewear for your needs. It’s what we do best.

We handcraft our glass lenses for both normal vision and prescription lens Ocean Waves Sunglass needs. We also provide options for lightweight poly-carbonate sunglasses.